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OpenGov.Watch - 2024 June Performance Summary

· 2 min read

This month, we published the most ambitious Polkadot Treasury Report so far. It covers 2024-H1 and includes an income statement and balance sheet that starts to resemble traditional accounting best practices. It follows the Treasury Reporting Standards that have been previously established.

We achieved a great success on the Governance Initiatives front. Following our User Experience initiative last month, the UX bounty was approved after intensive community debate and negotiation. The Braille team is getting to work by opening up the backlog to the community to manage the bounty in an open manner.

For this month, work has started on the Developer Experience Governance Initiative and we will present results next month. This month was intense, as new DVs came into office and old ones left and we had quite a few bookable calls dedicated to the topic of learning from the past and sharing with the future DVs.

Next month, we are excited to share the Polkadot 2.0 Strategy we are curating at Polkadot Decoded.

What we did this month: