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2024-02-20 Technical Fellowship OpenDev Call

Forum Post

Small Updates

  • New members
    • Gonçalo Pestana to Rank I -> FRAME team, working on the staking parachain
    • Sebastian Kunert to Rank II
  • Polkadot SDK is now up to version 1.7

Polkadot Runtime Roadmap

Polkadot 2.0

Question: Will there ever be a 2.0? Is this something that is actively worked on?


  • undefined concept
  • conversation to be had: should we define it?
  • realistically should come from stakeholders via hardcore Governance
  • my thoughts:
    • compatible with 1.0
    • generality
    • opening up new avenues
    • auditing, availability assuring

Collectives Chain

  • New CoreFellowship Pallet started it's first payout cycle, but no one registered for payouts
  • Is now in the second cycle, four devs already registered
  • Members will have to provide evidence of their contributions to stay at their rank. Now the discussion can begin on what fellowship members will judge each other on.

Coretime Chain

Coretime Revenue Burn

  • burning coretime revenue (RFC 10) got accepted
  • but no implementation is done yet
  • implementation is also dependent on the amount of discussion that will be had in the community
  • Fellowship will implement it with a feature toggle and let OpenGov decide

Bulk Coretime

  • maybe on Kusama until next OpenDev Call
  • Question: can a single actor hoard all the coretime? Answer: it would be very expensive for him and eventually coretime just reaches a fair market value
  • Maybe an economic fellowship might make sense in the future to decide on certain params


BEEFY activated on Kusama

  • Runtime is now BEEFY capable
  • let's watch and see if there are any issues
  • now working to get it activated on Polkadot


  • tentative date for Kusama-Ethereum bridge: Mid March
  • Rococo-Sepolia has been working for a month and even worked flawlessly during a Sepolia hardfork

Polkadot-Kusama bridge

  • works with a Grandpa light client
  • the code is already deployed on-chain
  • launch very early March


Current OpenVM discussion

  • Short discussion around the idea. Not the responsibility of the technical fellowship.
  • But can be an extension chain. The first time I heard that concept being mentioned.

Add "Wish for Change" track

  • Essentially an on-chain signalling mechanism
  • RFC 12


Dynamic Referenda Track

  • Discussion around what should go into the Polkadot SDK and what should stay in the Polkadot runtime

Add Enhanced Multisig Pallet to System chains

  • Gavin argued that multisig logic should be frontend logic and only if there is wide adoption for a common mechanism and there is specific need to support it from the chain, should such a support be given
  • It seems that Multisig is a recurring issue