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We continously monitor Polkadot Governance and provide regular reports for interested parties. Our portfolio consists of:

  • weekly office hours (to get your questions answered)
  • monthly governance report
  • monthly Technical Fellowship proceedings
  • quarterly budget report
  • quarterly strategy report
  • 6 Governance initiatives on focus topics as agreed with the community
  • proposed Governance standards
  • research paper


Our planned timeline is as follows, but can be subject to change:

NameTarget Date
2024-02 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-02-20
OpenGov Scraper2024-02-27
Launch Bookable Calls2024-03-01
Launch Referenda Overviews2024-03-01
Launch Guides Section2024-03-08
Budget Reporting Standards Draft2024-03-15
2024-03 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-03-19
2024-Q1 Strategy Report2024-03-22
2024-03 Governance Report2024-04-01
2024-Q1 Budget Report2024-04-05
Governance Initiative 12024-04-12
2024-04 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-04-16
2024-04 Governance Report2024-05-01
Proposal evaluation standards & KPIs Draft2024-05-10
2024-05 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-05-21
2024-05 Governance Report2024-06-03
Governance Initiative 22024-06-07
2024-06 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-06-18
2024-Q2 Strategy Report + Budget Proposal2024-06-21
2024-06 Governance Report2024-07-01
2024-Q2 Budget Report2024-07-01
2024-07 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-07-16
Governance Initiative 32024-07-19
2024-07 Governance Report2024-08-01
2024-08 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-08-20
Governance Initiative 42024-08-30
2024-08 Governance Report2024-09-02
2024-09 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-09-17
2024-Q3 Strategy Report2024-09-20
2024-09 Governance Report2024-10-01
2024-Q3 Budget Report2024-10-01
Governance Initiative 52024-10-11
2024-10 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-10-15
2024-10 Governance Report2024-11-01
2024-11 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-11-19
Governance Initiative 62024-11-22
2024-11 Governance Report2024-12-01
2024-12 Technical Fellowship Proceedings2024-12-17
2024-Q4 Strategy Report2024-12-20
Presentation of Research Paper2024-12-31
2024-12 Governance Report2024-12-31
2024-Q4 Budget Report2024-12-31
Research Paper2024-12-31