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  • Delegated DOT: ~8m DOT
  • Address: 13EyMuuDHwtq5RD6w3psCJ9WvJFZzDDion6Fd2FVAqxz1g7K


Consisting of 300+ members, ChaosDAO is a decentralized, democratic on-chain voting bloc. Voting members are alerted for each referandum and can vote internally in a one-person, one-vote system. ChaosDAO only votes if a supermajority of 66% is achieved on the internal vote. If no majority is achieved on either side, ChaosDAO abstains from the vote. Individual members of Chaos are not required to provide any feedback about why they have voted in a particular direction. Some members voluntarily provide feedback within the discussions in the internal chats. Chaos DAO summarizes these feedback anonymously and posts them on proposal discussions as well as providing a weekly feedback on their Twitter and dedicated Telegram channels that is open to everyone.

Members of ChaosDAO can recommend new members to the DAO and the new membership is decided after the voting within the internal DAO governance.