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The Kus DAO


  • Delegated DOT: ~2m DOT
  • Address: 15KHTWdJyzyxaQbBNRmQN89KmFr1jPXXsPHM5Rxvd1Tkb2XZ


The Kus DAO is a decentralized, on-chain voting bloc initiated by the Kusamarian audience. Voting members receive alerts for each referendum and can cast votes weighted by their reputation. This token-based reputational system allows members to reward contributors of governance discussions within the DAO. The tokens feature a decay mechanism designed to prevent the establishment of long-term power blocs and discourage any form of unfair dominance, thereby ensuring a fluid and equitable distribution of influence.

The Kus DAO is completely transparent in its voting discussions. Membership is open to all who are willing to participate in the Discord channel, subject to completing a series of security measures.

The Kusamarian produces daily Polkadot videos as well as weekly in-depth interviews with prominent figures of the Polkadot ecosystem. They also host vital shows such as weekly Attempts at Governance (AAG), which is an open forum for all governance participants to discuss proposals; and OpenDev Call, which is the monthly show where core developers of Polkadot report their progress.